Welcome to my fashion blog! My name is Ria Purnama Sari, a young independent woman and a fashion blogger from Indonesia who lives in The Netherlands. The idea of having this blog is because I love fashion and free writing very much. Working in fashion and marketing is my passion and future carrier. I started restylecloset in 2011 to share my style and cloths from my closet :)
I love the idea of mix and match between vintage and modern style because to be pretty and stylist, you don't have to spend a lot of money. So yes I love to go to vintage stores and flea markets, and definitely hunting for sale is one of my favorite things to do:P

Also, I am a personal fashion stylist and freelance make-up and hair-do artist. So if you need any advice or need my help about fashion, style even about love life ;), please don't hesitate to contact me at :  restylecloset@gmail.com
I love to hear your story and share my fashion.
Again, enjoy my blog and thanks for reading :)

Ria Purnama Sari

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