2019- Hi I am back!


Hi all! I have been gone for a while on my blog and now it's the time to explain the situation and yes time for a new beginning! The end of 2017 and the whole year of 2018 has been excited and challenging year for me. In 2017, I started my career in fashion industry (finally one of my dreams come true!) as a sales advisor at ZARA. The job was quite finecompletely different job that I have been working before in marketing. But I am fine with that, you have to start somewhere anyway to pursue your dream career and nothing is easy especially when you live in the city that you have to speak their language (in this case I am talking about Dutch language). At ZARA, I have learned a lot of things like helping customers, give them advice, and learning about visual merchandiser tasks. By learning vm tasks, I started to realize that this is what I love and what I want in the future!  

Then in 2018, I was busy with wedding preparation and yes I am a married woman!!! In April 2018, I am married to the man of my dream! We have a beautiful wedding. The ceremony was really unforgettable and the party was awesome and surrounded by lovely family and friends. I am so grateful and thankful! It was the happiest year in my life :)

In the end of 2018, I left my job at ZARA and moved to H&M as a potential visual merchandiser. Love the job, the environment and of course I am surrounded by friendly colleagues. At H&M, I am finally able to inspired people with my style and give advice about what to wear and how to combine it. At this moment I am in training to become a visual merchander, my dream job at least for now haha..cause you know I like to grow and dream big!

Honestly, the feeling of working on something that you love or your passion is incredible! You don't feel tired and bored even if you do and that happy feeling every time you go to work is awesome! I completely agree with people said that you have to do what you like, cause I am now doing what I like and I am really happy :)

Okay, enough story about me. Now, 2019! it's time to think about what I want to do with my blog. Well, I am thinking to show new pieces that I bought every month (I am a crazy shopaholic at this moment) and how to combine them with some old pieces. I am thinking to make a video too on YouTube (still learning though with video editing). A lot of things came up on my mind and I still wonder how to make that all happened :D Let me know if you have any ideas

Anyway, in this picture, I wore super comfy sweater from H&M (they really have a good sweater/knitwear) and the pants is from Bershka. The camel coat is from ZARA and yes this kinda coat is very perfect for any situations! Of course never forget the little touch accessories to make this look fabulous a.k.a sun glasses and black purse :)

See you on my next post!

What I wear this time? Where to find them?
knit-wear: H&M| pants: Bershka | Coat: ZARA| sneakers: ZARA | bag: Mango | sun-glasses: TOSS | watch: CLUSE

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