I am in love with this simple outfit and been wearing it for couple of days until I ruined this adorable white shirt (a lot of stains now:(). White t-shirt, denim pants and white sneakers are the MUST items in your wardrobe! Super cozy for everyday look and for me this style is the best especially for museum visit in Amsterdam. Never forget to bring coat in Holland even in summer, cause you never know what the weather will be like. I wore super over size coat from SISSY-BOY and it's super comfortable. I love to wear something in a bigger size especially for coat and blazer. It makes you effortless chic and indeed you can wear a lot of layers inside! And of course this vintage Longchamp Le Pliage is my best travel buddy :)

What I wear this time? Where to get them?
shirt: ZARA | jeans: NANETTE | shoes: NIKE | bag: LONGCHAMP | sun-glasses: MANGO | watch; ALBA | coat: SISSY-BOY

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