These are my favourite summer bags for this year. I think it's very important to have different kind of bags (size and colours) during summer cause you will wear a lot of skirts, dresses, simple t-shirt and of course they will be very colourful. Okay, let's talk about these bags above ;)
I found these summer bags (pic no 2&3) at thrift stores (goudgoed & mamamini) in Groningen. I am super happy with these two bags cause they are now very popular a.k.a fashionable and I bought them in a good price too. I don't really want to buy a new one because it's only useful during summer which is in Holland it will be less than 3 months. So it's perfect to find second hand bags like these in good quality and indeed good price :D. Next, my favourite small purse from Hush Puppies that I bought last year in Indonesia. I love this cute bag especially the colour (brown is one of my favourite colour btw). The bag has a classic model and surely perfect for summer.

Another ZARA bag that I bought last month and I am so in love with this bag. The colour is really summary and it gives chic look. I am a big fan of ZARA bags because they really have good quality and of course they do have unique design with reasonable price. The last two pics, I have bags from Tommy Hilfiger and Longchamp Le Pliage. Both bags are perfect during summer especially if you bring a lot of things in your bag. The series of Le Pliage from Longchamp is my super favourite cause it's really chic, a lot of space and easy to carry (you can fold them as well). I almost wear this bag every day. So which one is your favourite?

What I wear this time?
t-shirt: ZARA | kimono: H&M | jeans: Nanette | sandals: ZARA

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