Hi guys, sorry for the late update cause the weather is really nice lately (we said AMAZING in Holland) and the sun is shining almost everyday now, so I am not at home most of the time and stay at the park instead a.k.a tanning. Anyway, today's post is about thrift haul. I go quite often lately to several thrift stores or vintage stores in Groningen like :
 Terre des Homme, Mamamini, GoudGoed, Fair Back, What's in?, Recessie, and Viva!
And I found amazing pieces with adorable prices. I actually want to try different kind of brands that I might not able to afford it when it's new or some brands that I never heard before or some brands that I know but It looks vintage or it gives vintage look ;). Of course you have to be smart to buy second hand pieces. Below you will find some tips how to find a good piece in thrift stores. Nevertheless, I would like to show you the amazing pieces that I found in those stores. I hope you like it! 

 What to do if you want to buy second hand pieces:
  1. Take all the clothes or anything you see that you fall in love with in your cart immediately cause you never know if those pieces are still there when you are back.
  2. Check the quality like the colours, stains, or holes. In case if you see some stains or holes, if you think you can fix it and if it has super adorable price, I suggest you to buy it directly!
  3. Think of the price. Buy them if the price makes sense for you because sometimes SALE price is better!
  4. Check the smell. Don't buy any clothes if they are smelly cause you may not be able to remove it. 
  5. Please try them before you buy. They might look good when you see them especially when you see the price, but sometimes it doesn't mean that it will look good on you. 

What I wear this time?
thrift clothes: VINTAGE, ESPRIT, GERRY WEBER, C&A, H&M, RABE | thrift jeans: DIDI | belt: STEVE MADDEN | shoes: H&M | watch: CASIO


  1. You got some amazing staples dear! I love especially the red sweater! Now go out and enjoy the warm weather babe! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

    1. Thanks darling! Indeed the read sweater is gorgeous! Can't wait to wear it actually :D