Today's post I would like to share my scarves collection for spring and summer. I just realized that I have plenty of square scarves at home and still another scarves for fall and winter :P. Well I really love to wear scarf for any seasons. For me scarf is the best accessory because it gives a chic touch and an elegant look especially the square scarf. I begin to collect them in 2012 (about 5 years a go). Not all my scarves are new though. I love to buy vintage scarf as well because you can find a unique model and pattern. So to find those treasure, I go quite often to flea market, vintage stores, and thrift shops. I will write down below which stores or market that I normally go to. I also will give you tips how to wear the scarf in easy way :)

My babies!!

Such a happy little girl :P


How to use it?

1.  This is the easiest and cute way to wear the scarf. Use it as bandana :)

2. For a chic and an elegant look, you can wrap your neck with the scarf or just make a loose knot around the neck. Of course it keeps you warm as well:)

 3. Cold shoulder? Well you can wrap your scarf around your shoulder and make a knot on the front (pic no 4).

So which one is your favourite?

Where to find these beautiful scarves?

 What I wear this time?
sweatshirt: ZARA | legging: Forever21 | bandana: ZARA | scarf around shoulder: Vintage


  1. I love your collection of vibrant and bold scarves! Love how they add to an outfit and how they're versatile when it comes to styling too.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

    1. Thanks Jessica!! I totally agree with you!

      xxx Ria

  2. What a great collection! You have some gorgeous scarves :) I love wearing them like bandanas! Great blog - keep up the amazing work :)
    -Jenna <3
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    1. Thanks Jenna! Same here, wearing it as bandana is the best!

      xxx Ria