What are inside my bag? my favourite things?


Hello everyone! Today's post we gonna talk about what are inside my bag? what are my favourite things recently? and what I couldn't leave the house without it? I read some blogs yesterday from my favourite blogs and inspired me to post this too. So let's check it out!

So what are inside my bag? and what I coudn't lave the house without it?
Well I love to use this bag from Longchamp and the size is really perfect for me! I love the light brown color which is one of my favourite colors and I could combine it with all my jackets and coats.

The items that are always in bag every single day :

1. Wallet
This is the most important item in my bag and in my life too indeed. It was a present from my mom since I moved to Netherlands and use it for about 6 years now. Black leather with alot of places for my cards and so long lasting!

 2. Sun-glasses
Rayban brown dark leopard limited edition is my favourite sun-glasses at this moment. I bring it everyday and everywhere cause you know Dutch weather is unpredictable, so bring sun-glasses is a MUST!!!. It's really suit on my face too and love the unique shape.

3. Polaroid camera, Phone, and Charger
As you may know that I've got polaroid camera from last Christmas present, now I almost bring it everywhere I go and took all the moment espcially with my bf :).
Yes PHONE and charger! can't live without this mircale gadgets!

4, Watch and Make-up kits
Well, I wear this watch almost every day but sometimes when I was in hurry I just put it inside my bag quickly and wear it on my way. The make-up kits is my best friend. Starting from small mirror, hair-brush, lip-balm, lipstics and parfum, they always help me in every situation and yes always be there for me.

5.  Note-book and Drawing-book
I always write it down every single ideas in my head and I just write it down immediately. So this book that I found at HEMA has a perfect shape and the cover is really inspiring. Recently, I like to draw as well. I did it before during my high school and now I try to do it again. I love the result. I mean it's not bad after couple of years off from sketching and I could draw something. Gonna post speical edition about my draw and sketch :)

So here are the complete my favourite items and I use it very often. My black chelsea boots, lovely sweater from ZARA and unique necklace from cheap monday. and yes again my bag :)

What do you think guys? what are your favourite items in your bag? Please share it with me and I love to hear it :)

See you in next post and enjoy the sunny day!



  1. That polaroid camera is the cutest, love the vintage look of it.

    Thanks for sharing this! Would love if you could drop by CH1K.com as I am running a Daniel Wellington Giveaway!


    Helen xx

    1. Thanks darling! the most favorite stuff in my life now :D
      Done it 2 days a go.. i hope i am the lucky one ;)

      Have a great day!