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New Place-Groningen-Harbour

Weather was really nice today. So we went outside, picked up something for house and enjoyed the sun while biking. Well FYI, I moved to Groningen and I love the scenery. The most favourite spots is behind our apartment. There is small harbour with colorful houses around.
So this time, I wear blue coat  and brown ankle boots from Primark (soo cheap), my adorable yellowscarf from Zara, sweaters from WE and H&M.



I hope you enjoy the sunny days for up coming weeks and stay gorgeus!



  1. I love these adorable houses! Looks so cute!
    You look lovely as well, i like pics where model is smiling... i am always shy to do so.... :/
    have a good week!

    1. Thanks darling!
      Well they said never be say and you are pretty too tho!
      Have a good week too!


  2. Omg, what a beautiful place! I'd love to go there someday. I love your outfit, that pop of colour from the scarf is amazing and you look great Ria!
    Have a wonderful day!

    1. thanks girl! my favorite scarf for all seasons.
      and you should visit here indeed, Its a beatiful place besides amsterdam :)

      Have a great day!

  3. Gorgeous photos! I love your lipstick very chic.

  4. Gorgeous photos! I love your lipstick very chic.


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