25 I am



It has been beautiful and busy week for me to celebrate my 25th birthday!!
Thanks for my lovely bf to arranged the awesome birthday for me and my best friend to arranged the crazy party for me :) So this post, I would like to share my wonderful days for my birthday.

We (me and my bf) kinda celebrated my birhday for a week. From Sunday 8 February (which is my official birthday) until Sunday15 February. Within a week, it was busy and fun days for me and yes unforgettable moment in my life.

Here we go :

Since I have to work on 7 & 8 February in other city, so I was crash for a night at my bff apartment and he surprised my with a cake and friends around.

Then we go to several clubs and get crazy!!!! Turning 25 with these poeple was awesome and it was a crazy night for me.  (sorry for pics quality, since I took it with mobile phone)

Afterwards, I went back home in the early morning on February 9th and I get a suprised from my bf. He made my fav cake with a lot of strawberries. Then I just rest for 2 days after tiring and busy days of working and partying. On 11 & 12 February, I had dinner with family of my bf and it was fun.  I am so glad to have a family like them who always supporting me and give me alot of attention :)

The another surprised from my bf just start on February 13th. We went to classical music concert  that I have been craving forever in my life and he makes one of my dreams come true! (sorry again for the pics quality since we took it by mobilephone and it was a quite dark place)

After the awesome Friday night, we had dinner on Saturday ( February 14th) evening in Indonesian Restaurant. It was a surprised too. I did not expect to have dinner there since we are often cooking indonesian food too at home. But it was the best restaurant Indonesian I ever been. I mean the food was really good and almost feels like I am in my home country. The sweet idea of him that I can enjoy and eat what I have been missing so much from Indonesia. I got a flower too on the table and it was kinda romantic. I am so lucky to have him :)

Then my birtday celebration almost finished, we have been to flea market on 14th and 15th February. It was really fun and I am glad that he likes to go there too. It's my favorite place to find vintage items. So he knows how to make me Happy :) and this is the last gift for my birthday from him 
-  a vintage silver ring -

I am  so HAPPY to spend my 25th birthday with special poeple in my life since I couldn't celebrate my bithday with my family in Indonesia.  I am so thankful and glad to have them in my life :)  Of course, thanks for everyone and friends that I did not mention them here for sweet bithday wishes. You are also special for me and you made my day!

I wish everyone has a great week and lovely days.



  1. Happy Belated Birthday!!! Spending a week celebrating is the best way to do it. Looks and sounds like it was amazing!

    PS- That vin sterling ring is beautiful! :)

    1. Thank you!!!! yeah it was really great!
      and yes the ring is so beatiful :)
      Have a good day!