HAPPY NEW YEAR all!!! A new chapter of 2015 has begun. I hope every body have a great moment this year and I wish this year will bring us alot of luck! especially for my self, hopefully this year will bring alot of luck for my career ( get a new job as soon as possible) and a healthy life :)
So did you make new resolution for this year already? I did and I wish I could accomplish new resolution for this year.

Well thanks for 2014! for gave me a bitter and sweet moments in my life. It was still beautiful and I am so thankful for that. The end of the year of 2014, I got wonderful surprise from my lovely bf and I did not expect that he gonna gave me this surprise on Christmas day. So last Christmas I had wonderful Santa! and here is my Instax mini 90!

I really want it since 2 years ago and I didn't think I got this one since there are alot of instax camera.
So in the end of the year I spend quite alot of pictures with my instax and finally I could enjoy the pictures directly without print it somewhere else :)

Thanks for the unforgatable memories in 2014 and here I come 2015!!! New hope, new adventure, new life and new spirit!!!

Ria xx