A Perfect Bridesmaid


This is special post for all girls out there to give an idea what to wear for their bridesmaid. Well, thanks for 'WEDDINGTONWAY' to give me the challenge. I really love the word 'wedding' and always think of my own wedding of course and what to wear for my bridesmaids.  Recently, one of my best friend has been asking for bridesmaid idea and indeed the wedding decoration idea.

I would like to imagine that perfect wedding would be like this place. So I try to give her an advice of this image too.
Anyway back to the bridesmaid :).Since the challenge is quite interesting such as the dress, the color, the hair and the make up for the bridesmaids. Well, I came up with this idea.


I love the color that gives you warm feeling and happy. I think the bridesmaid should looks perfect too even though they shouldn't look more gorgeous than the bride hahaha
The color is really perfect for bridesmaid and yes the design looks so fancy. I guess the bridesmaids will love it too because they are not only coming to be a special person but indeed they wanna feel pretty and comfortable.

So what's the next?  hmm I am thinking to add the shoes, hairdo and makeup that I think it is very suitable for the bridesmaids

I really like the idea of this hair. It is so gorgeous, simple and yes again fancy. The make up idea for bridesmaids, I would suggest the natural looks. Since the color of the dress already attract the people eyes, I think it is very important to balance the outfit and natural looks always the best in every way.



A perfect bridesmaid wanna have a perfect shoes too. Since the party gonna be all night long, I think it is very important to have nice shoes that you can wear the whole day and it still looks perfect in any dress. So this shoes with warm color and a little bit accessories with flowers on the top, makes the finish look of the bridesmaid. 

I hope this idea can give you more inspiration for your lovely bridesmaids :)


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