Free day!


Today, I have free day from school, no study and no work at all. So I just accompany my friend who leave tomorrow to Indonesia and took some pictures of me in the big big garden. Because of today's weather quite cold for me,so i decided to use my boots and the warmth works on me! And you know what?! I got this boots sssssooooo cheap! i think this is the cheapest boots i ever had.  It costs only 3 euros! I bought it from H&M when it was summer sale... here we go..check out my style for today! enjoy...

Have A Nice Day! kisses, Ria


  1. I see that you are all ready for the cold weather,looking good! Enjoy your free day. We are now following stop by and check us out and please do follow back :-)


  2. thanks honey!yeah now the weather become more unpredictable..but anyways, thanks for following me..i'll follow you back babe..:)