busy week!


ehm..this week i am sooooo busy..we will have indonesian event in Eindhoven this weekend.
So, i need to prepare all the food that they ordered from my work.
However, I took some picture of my outfit and hopefully it can inspired you girl :)

I love this outfit! Short pant, business woman bag, short jacket and leopard sjaal, seems to be my favorite outfit for me :)


  1. Love that bag! x

    I was also wondering if you have voted for me yet? Its for an elle magazine contest :D!
    It only takes 5 seconds, would be so nice! :D
    Just go to Elle and Nokia Page and press 'I like'. Thank you! xx

  2. hey pieter..love your style too..
    for sure i will vote you..thanks anyway for your comment
    it would be nice if you also follow my blog..:D