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2019- Hi I am back!

Hiall! Ihavebeengoneforawhileonmyblogandnowit'sthetimetoexplainthesituationandyestimefora newbeginning! Theendof2017andthewholeyearof2018hasbeenexcitedandchallengingyearforme. In2017, Istartedmycareerinfashionindustry (finallyoneofmydreamscometrue!) as asalesadvisoratZARA. Thejobwasquitefine, completelydifferentjobthatIhavebeenworkingbeforeinmarketing. ButIamfinewiththat, youhavetostartsomewhereanywaytopursueyourdreamcareerandnothingiseasyespeciallywhenyouliveinthecitythatyouhavetospeaktheirlanguage (inthiscaseIamtalkingabout
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Summer is almost gone here and it's time to wear something warm or let's say it's time for layering season. I am in love with this new knit wear from ZARA. Super comfy and the strips gives you chic look! I have this kind of knit wear from them in different kind of colours too. I think for the transitional weather, this is a perfect cloth to wear. Trust me! If the weather is still too cold for you, then you can add a blazer or a trench coat and for layering you can wear a white shirt underneath. This time, I combine it with ZARA ecru blazer and super soft scarf. To complete this look, again I am wearing a white sneakers and a red bag cause they are perfect combination.
What I wear this time? Where to find them? knit-wear: ZARA | pants: KEW.159 | blazer: ZARA | sneakers: ZARA | bag: ZARA | scarf: TK-MAXX | sun-glasses: MANGO | watch: ALBA


I am in love with this simple outfit and been wearing it for couple of days until I ruined this adorable white shirt (a lot of stains now:(). White t-shirt, denim pants and white sneakers are the MUST items in your wardrobe! Super cozy for everyday look and for me this style is the best especially for museum visit in Amsterdam. Never forget to bring coat in Holland even in summer, cause you never know what the weather will be like. I wore super over size coat from SISSY-BOY and it's super comfortable. I love to wear something in a bigger size especially for coat and blazer. It makes you effortless chic and indeed you can wear a lot of layers inside! And of course this vintage Longchamp Le Pliage is my best travel buddy :)

What I wear this time? Where to get them? shirt: ZARA | jeans: NANETTE | shoes: NIKE | bag: LONGCHAMP | sun-glasses: MANGO | watch; ALBA | coat: SISSY-BOY


White bottom down shirt is essential during summer especially the one with floral embroidered on it. You can mix and match with any colours of pants and accessories as well. This one I got it from ZAFUL and I combined it with vintage waist belt. I have been craving to get both items this year. This is my first time to get something from ZAFUL and I think the overall quality is fine. If you want to have the latest fashion items in reasonable price, then you should definitely check out their website. Want to be the more fancy in this summer? Just do it! Discover their summer arrivals and use this code ZFEN to a get surprise discount. Additionally, my lovely red leather bag and white sneakers from ZARA are perfect accessories to complete this look.

What do I wear this time? Where to find them? white floral shirt: ZAFUL | jeans: NANETTE | belt: ZAFUL | bag: ZARA | shoes: ZARA | watch: ALBA


It was a really nice summer day and the only one sunny day in The Netherlands. Oh I am so annoyed with the summer weather this year. It's raining almost every day here. Well at least I could capture nice pictures outside with my maxi black dress that I found from Fashion Blogger Sale in Groningen. This time, I combined it with my vintage scarf that I found at second hand market, the favourite summer straw hand bag and of course this lovely sandals from Dune London. I am in love with the shape of this maxi dress especially on the back side (feeling so sexy). It's actually from Monki and super comfortable. I think Monki has lovely and minimalist collections. If you don't really like something colourful or too many prints, then you should go to this store. Anyway, this kind of dress you can also combine it with denim jacket and sneakers!

What I wear this time? Where to find it? maxi dress: MONKI | scarf: vintage | bag: vintage | sandals: DUNE LONDON  | sun-glasses: MANGO


Summer is here and shoulder off dress is something that you need! I have been craving midishoulder off dress lately to complete my summer looks. I think they are very gorgeous, classy, and super chic. Also, you don't have to add too many accessories to finish the look because they are already perfect! Well, as you know that it's very difficult to find those dresses since they are always sold out in the store, I actually found them in ZAFUL. Have you heard about this amazing online shop? If not, you must check it out! ZAFUL has amazing summer dress shoulder offcollection. I am in love withthe dress burgundy from them. It's just awesome and the colour is perfect for summer.
Slit Floral Shirred Waist Maxi Tube Dress
And yes, white midi shoulder off dress is definitely something that you must have too!   It's just perfect with everything and indeed white is the forever summer colour. 
Laser Cut Midi Off The Shoulder Dress

Off Shoulder Ruffle Hollow Out Dress

How to complete t…


These two skirts are my favourite for summer. The ZARA plissé midi skirt is my ultimate summer skirt during hot season. The light blue colour is perfect and especially the pattern gives summer feeling. With this kind of skirt, you can combine it with blouse, t-shirt, and even tank-top. My favourite is to combine it with white blouse or t-shirt. The other essential skirt for summer is A-line skirt. This one is from RESERVED and I found it when I was in Warsaw. Every time I travel to other country, I always try to find the original brand from that country. So when I was in Warsaw, I went to this store (they are originally from Warsaw) and I love their collections! I immediately in love with this skirt when I saw it for the first time. The dark blue colour is very attractive and the model is super cute. I can wear this skirt during cold seasons too because the material is quite thick by adding a legging. Btw, I got a lot of comments that this skirt is supposed to wear in a winter season…