Hi guys, sorry for the late update cause the weather is really nice lately (we said AMAZING in Holland) and the sun is shining almost everyday now, so I am not at home most of the time and stay at the park instead a.k.a tanning. Anyway, today's post is about thrift haul. I go quite often lately to several thrift stores or vintage stores in Groningen like :
 Terre des Homme, Mamamini, GoudGoed, Fair Back, What's in?, Recessie, and Viva!
And I found amazing pieces with adorable prices. I actually want to try different kind of brands that I might not able to afford it when it's new or some brands that I never heard before or some brands that I know but It looks vintage or it gives vintage look ;). Of course you have to be smart to buy second hand pieces. Below you will find some tips how to find a good piece in thrift stores. Nevertheless, I would like to show you the amazing pieces that I found in those stores. I hope you like it! 

 What to do if you want to buy second hand pieces: